Prepayment Plan



The County Treasurer’s office offers a program that allows you to make monthly payments to prepay next year’s real estate tax.  TREASURER “9” is a prepayment plan allowing you to prepay your real estate taxes over a nine month period.  The program currently runs January thru August but is subject to change, depending on the timing of the tax cycle.  This plan is optional and there is no cost to participate. 

  • Anyone can sign up for the prepayment plan providing you have no delinquent taxes due.
  • Deadline for signing up for the program is October 15th. The payments currently runs January thru August but the program’s schedule is subject to change, depending on the timing of the tax cycle.  
  • You will still receive a regular tax bill in the mail.  It will reflect any payments you have made for the past months while on the prepayment plan.
  • Your payments will be based on the most recent tax amount of your property.
  • After you sign up, you will be mailed a letter confirming your participation in the program, a page containing eight coupons for scheduled payments and envelopes to use when mailing your payments (if you chose to pay by check), or a schedule of withdrawal amounts and dates (if you chose automatic withdrawal from your bank account). Your ninth payment amount will be shown as the balance due with the mailing of your tax bill.
  • Monthly payments will be due by the 15th of each month. 
  • Taxpayers who complete their payments through the prepayment plan are automatically renewed on the plan for the following year.  If you decide you do not want to continue with the plan, please call 217-342-6844 and let us know.


If you wish to sign up for TREASURER “9”, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 217-342-6844 to request a sign up sheet.  TREASURER “9” is geared toward those on a fixed income to ease the burden of paying their real estate taxes but is available to all property owners.