Evidence Based Practices within Probation

  The Effingham County Probation Department is in the midst of incorporating evidence-based practices into virtually everything we do, from supervision to training to community outreach. Evidence-based practices are those using the most current and valid research findings to determine "what works." Probation, or community monitoring instead of prison, uses effective supervision, intervention and treatment to reduce offender recidivism. Examining and utilizing proven, evidence-based strategies helps in permanently changing criminal behavior to benefit the community.


Evidence-Based Principles Promote Public Safety

An evidence-based approach is not “soft” on crime—in fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Often, requiring a client to confront and change his or her mindset and behaviors is more intimidating than letting him or her “do time” or coast through traditional community supervision.

That being said, the Effingham County Probation Department recognizes that no single evidence-based intervention is guaranteed to succeed with all target populations, and certainly not in isolation. Helping clients make better choices and take advantage of opportunities is a complex process that depends on a variety of variables. Effingham County Probation is constantly seeking out new and innovative policies and practices.