Welcome to the Effingham County Traffic Department. (Fourth Judicial Circuit)

This department is responsible for all the details of your traffic ticket. From here you can make a payment, search your records and find the Traffic Safety School form.

Receiving a traffic ticket can be an anxious experience.
It is my desire to help you in any way I can by making the services of the Circuit Clerk’s office accessible using this page.
At the bottom of your ticket there is an area that specifies whether a court appearance is required or not. If the COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED box is checked, you must appear in court on the date and time written just above the Red box.
If you would like to discuss your ticket with someone, you may want to contact the States Attorney’s office by using the Link in the Left hand Margin of this page. 
For certain tickets where a court appearance is NOT required, you may choose to plead guilty and pay your fines /fees using the links on this page.
Plead Guilty and Pay your Ticket offers you the ability to plead guilty along with making a payment On-Line electronically using your credit or debit card.
Make a Payment on your Ticket or Case  (Gov-Pay) offers electronic payment of fines and fees using your credit or debit card.
If you need assistance, please contact my office. 
Contact information is in the right margin of this page.
Our hours are Mon. thru Fri., 8:00am to 4:00pm 
Thank You,
John P. Niemerg
Circuit Clerk
Effingham County